I have been thinking about what is important in relationships.
Three aspects of human relationship I have been thinking about are:

1. Understanding the value of oneself as a human being.
2. Understanding the value of others as human beings
3. Alligning our understanding of the value of a human being, and our behavour toward that human being.

Our understanding of our own value as a human being shapes our relationships.
Knowing our value helps us define our personal and relationship boundaries.
Knowing our value shapes how we communicate in our relationships with others,
and also how we shape our own self-talk.


Understanding the value of other human beings shapes how we choose to communicate with them.
This does not mean that another human being is acting in a way that deserves respect.
It does not mean that we have not been hurt by other human beings.
It just means that we know the value of a human being, and choose to interact
in a way that shows that value.

When we choose to value humanity, and  allow this valuing of humanity to shape the way
we relate to ourselves and others, we model our understanding of the valuing of humanity.

We can pass this valuing of humanity on through generations of humanity.


Thought questions

Do I value myself?

What can I say to myself right now to show that I value myself?

Do I value others?

What can I say/do right now to show the people I am in relationship with
that I value them?

Jenny Ensing

Jenny Ensing

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Jenny Ensing

Relationships Counsellor