Frequently Asked Questions

Can I answer your question?
Why come to Courage Counselling?

People come for many reasons.  Mostly people want something better for their relationships and their lives. Courage Counselling supports people to resolve conflict, communicate positively, develop equality and unity, overcome anger, and enrich relationships. I also work with other issues effecting relationships, such as depression, stress, addiction, pornography and abuse. We can talk about your issues at our first session.

Who will know you have come to Courage Counselling?

Many people prefer their private life to remain private. We understand this. Appointment times and premises allow you to come and go in privacy.

When can I start?

You can start the process now.

Contact me.
We can discuss your hopes and how counselling can help support positive change in your life.

What difference will it make?

Counselling can help you develop a clearer perspective on the issues in your life.  This clearer perspective empowers you to have more choice around your future.

Can we meet online or via phone?

Yes. Some online meetings are available using Zoom. We can also talk on the phone, if the internet is not available. Prior approval is required.

How often?

Most people start with weekly visits. Visit times and frequency are arranged to suit you.

How much?
Counselling session:
1 Session rate $125
4 Session rate $476 (Saves you $24)
6 Session rate $710 (saves you $40)
WINZ funding accepted
WCC Members- $80 a session
Who comes to Courage Counselling?

People who want to talk to someone they can trust. Individuals, couples, and families who hope for something better from their relationships and their lives.

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