Responses that ‘make relationships’

Responses that ‘make relationships’ happen in the small everyday moments

He comes home from a hard day at work and reaches for the TV remote.  He just wants to relax.  He hears the spring in his wife’s step as she walks in the front door and comments “Fantastic weather today.” How important is a response to the “fantastic weather today” comment? Research shows that moments such as this make or break relationships. There is a subtle difference between the responses that ‘make relationships’, and those that ‘break relationships’. Responses that ‘make relationships’ happen in the small everyday moments when someone chooses to engage with their partners attempt to connect.  Attempts to connect might be as obvious as a request for a bedtime cuddle, or as subtle as an indirect comment on the weather. Couples who choose to ‘make relationships’ by connecting are more likely to stay together, and also to feel satisfied in the relationship. Over time, the choice to connect and ‘make relationships’ becomes significant. In the introductory example, a choice to connect would be responding to the ‘fantastic weather today’ comment by saying “Yes, it is”, or a more energetic response “Yes the weather is great today, shall we eat dinner outside?”. When we choose to connect in the everyday moments, we invest in the emotional security of our relationship. Call Courage Counselling to invest in the emotional security of your relationship. (0275367464)


Sweatt-Eldredge, C. (2017, February 7). These Are the Things That Make or Break a Relationship. Retrieved from Psychology Today: We all face challenges in our lives. Courage Counselling is dedicated to helping you strengthen your relationships, regardless of the issue, or the size of the issue. Courage Counselling can help you build strong relationships to help you get through.